Lego Minifigs: Mr Gold

Mr.GoldSo Lego Minifig Series 10 has arrived. And there are some seriously cool minifigures, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts. I should be getting mine next week, at which point I’ll start including them in my Minifig Monday series. In the meantime, I did some Googling and found out about Mr Gold.

Mr Gold is a ‘super rare’ minifigure that’s been included to celebrate the tenth series of minifigures. He’s so rare, in fact, that he comes with a special code that you can enter on the Lego website. This will then add a pin to indicate where he’s been found. This page seems to indicate that there are only 5000 Mr Golds in existence (and only 208 have been found and entered on the site so far).

This makes Mr Gold a serious collector’s item. BrickLink has him listed for over R7000 (US$800). As much as I would love to have this special minifigure, that’s a lot of cash! If by fluke you were lucky enough to pick one up in a store, would you keep him? Or would you pay R7000+ to own him?

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