New GM–Session 9

After another real life interlude of a few weeks, we were back at the table once more. Having finally made time to read up on the next chapter in Rise of the Runelords, I was pretty excited to delve into the story. The first bit of chapter 2 is a murder mystery investigation, and I found it rather thrilling to be the storyteller, laying out the clues which I hope the players will pick up on. Of course, I constantly have to remind myself to let the players find their own way, even though I’m dying to tell them whodunnit.

We used this session to recap what had happened in the previous session so long ago, as well as to award a small bonus to each character for their work in the one off session with my husband as GM. In this case, I gave everyone an extra trait that I thought suited their character.

Next, the characters (and players) needed to catch up on what had happened since the last session, as well as tie up some loose ends from the final battle with Nualia (studying notes she left behind, etc).

Finally, it was time to get down to business. There’s a murderer on the loose in Sandpoint, and the sheriff has enlisted the help of our heroes to get to the bottom of things. After the first investigation of the murder scene, the group was ready to carry on, and I realised that I had not prepared enough material! Needless to say, I called the session to an early close and resolved to prepare more content for next time.

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