New GM – Saving the world one village at a time

Shocker Lizard Caverns
Cecil the ranger and his loyal companion Nova take on a cave full of shocker lizards.

After surviving their encounter with the dragon, our heroes decided to move on to helping the next set of people in need. They’d already received a clue mentioning a village called Turtleback Ferry from their battle with Xanesha. Then the mayor of Magnimar sent them a request to find out why no word had been received from the rangers protecting the village and surrounds.

After several encounters involving half-ogre hillbillies, retaking a fort from ogres, stopping a plot to break the nearby dam wall and flood the town of Turtleback Ferry, the heroes headed up to the ogre stronghold in the mountains. It was at this point that we had a new player come and check out our game. He chose to control the sorcerer’s cohort, an oracle of the heavens.

The battle with the leader of the ogre clan, a stone giant necromancer named Barl Breakbones, took nearly the entire session. A few interesting things happened during the fight. The PCs demonstrated the need for good tactics when taking on powerful spellcasters. The monk was knocked unconscious by a nasty critical hit from Barl and was only a couple of rounds from bleeding to death and being resurrected as a zombie. The oracle made clever use of her moonlight bridge revelation to help everyone overcome the difficult terrain in the room. She also turned herself invisible to sneak up and heal the monk – unfortunately turning herself into a target and ending up permanently blinded. The ranger and his companion were both seriously wounded by this point as well, the ranger having suffered a ray of enfeeblement attack, seriously affecting his damage-dealing ability, and preventing him from using his composite longbow.

Eventually it was the sorcerer who used dimension door to get everyone to safety so they could heal up and return to finish Barl off. With the help of an invisibility spell and, of course, a fireball or two, they were able to do just that. They were, however, unable to interrogate the defeated giant, as the sorcerer killed him in a fit of rage over the destruction of his perfectly-groomed goatee as he too received a fireball in the face.

All in all, it was a rather exciting session, though I was very worried for a while that I was going to kill the party! Of course, the danger for our heroes is never over, as they learned from a letter found among Barl’s belongings that the giants are planning an attack on Sandpoint.

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