Smith Legacy–Chapter Eight

It wasn’t long until Alexandra (left below) and Elizabeth (right below) became toddlers.


Alexandra seemed to be the more stylish baby at this point, but only time would tell who would be the more worthy heir.


Smith8-03The Smith household had an unusual visitor a few days later. Magenta tried her best to make their guest feel welcome, but this alien seemed more interested in scanning their garbage can.

Magenta, with Quinn’s help, tried to raise both girls to the best of her ability. She still had a demanding job at the hospital as well, but she was climbing her way to becoming a world-famous surgeon.

Soren tried to enjoy his last few days at home, not realising the bus from Fort Starch military boarding school was already on its way. It seemed like a good fit, as one of his favourite childhood games was chasing bandits on his trusty steed, Zebra.


Alexandra and Elizabeth soon grew up and started building a strong friendship. Their teenage years were not far off, so they took advantage of their time as carefree youngsters.


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