Smith Legacy–Chapter Twelve


Soren found himself climbing up the ranks in the military, but he was had several skills to hone before he could achieve true greatness there. Repairing and tinkering with household appliances also helped him take out his frustration with not being named heir.


He even tried dating a few times. Jennifer Pleasant turned out to be not so pleasant after all, and she rejected his advances, despite having been the one to initiate the date. The fact that she was already married hadn’t seemed to bother her when she called to ask Soren out. Soren also had a sneaking suspicion that she was a vampire. Perhaps she was just looking for a free meal?


This guy materialised in the washing machine one day, and has been appearing around the house ever since.


After the werewolf incident, Elizabeth decided to try her dating luck elsewhere. When Kenya Gage asked her out, she couldn’t resist. They built a snowman outside before retiring into the public library (Kenya’s idea..) for a romantic evening.


It was only the next day that Elizabeth realised why Kenya had seemed so familiar… he was the maid! Needless to say, Kenya was not too impressed to find Elizabeth on a date with Kearney while he, Kenya, was cleaning the house…

[I’ve been doing some calculations, and realised I would never be able to finish posting about this legacy challenge before Sims 4 came out if I only posted once a week. Smith legacy posts will now be every Wednesday and Friday.]

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