Smith Legacy–Chapter Fourteen


The sudden death of a guest at the party Alexandra was attending was too much for her, and she passed out at the sight of the ghostly figure. Or perhaps she was just exhausted from a long day at work?


Meanwhile, Elizabeth was bringing a new generation of Smiths into the world. She named the boy Charles. He matched his father’s colouring and was a fairy like both his parents. In a bizarre twist of events, while Elizabeth was giving birth to Charles, Sean Kelly’s son, one of her previous lovers, Kearney O’Shea, passed away!


Upstairs, Soren was seen climbing into bed… through a wall…


Between the shock of Kearney’s death and the extra responsibility of motherhood, Elizabeth was feeling more unstable than ever. She found that breathing into her trusty paper bag was helpful during these episodes.


Sean was delighted at having a son, and was even more delighted to try for another child (Elizabeth, and Magenta, were really keen on a female heir). Still, the weight of her former lover’s death weighed heavily on Elizabeth’s conscience.

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