Infiltrating Jorgenfist IV

MokmurianChapter 4 continued from: Infiltrating Jorgenfist III. Session date: Friday 11 July

Characters present: Ciaran, Cecil, Nova, Oparal, Nu, Igg

After their encounter with the golem and the strange fiery monster, the heroes paused to recover their wounds. It was during this time that another creature appeared in the dungeon, a blue-haired gnome who the other heroes recognised as Igg, the amnesiac druid they had previously encountered in Magnimar. He wasn’t entirely sure what he was doing in Jorgenfist all of a sudden, but he decided to join the party.

Our heroes proceeded cautiously through the lower levels of Jorgenfist. Cecil went ahead, exploring each room before indicating it was safe for the rest of the party to proceed. He discovered a strangely cold room filled with eerie frozen giants wearing impressive armour. Despite his fears, the giants did not spring to life and attack him.

Next came a deserted lair of some unknown creature… perhaps the forgefiend that was still at large? Finally our heroes reached a long corridor covered in Thassilonian runes. There was a door bearing the Sihedron rune at one end, and another door at the opposite end. Ciaran determined that the door bearing the seven-pointed star was warded with some powerful magic, so the party decided to try the other door first.

After passing through a bizarre room that featured no sharp corners, the heroes entered a massive pillared chamber where Mokmurian was casually waiting for them. When his first attack was a boulder thrown at Cecil, some of the heroes became a bit suspicious, but the arrival of three otherworldly hounds of Tindalos and an invisible mage quickly distracted them.

Nu moved forward to take on Mokmurian up close, while the others tried to dispatch the creepy hounds, who proved to be incredibly hardy. They kept the heroes busy while Nu distracted Mokmurian. It was only when Mokmurian dealt Nu a fatal blow with his pick that the illusion was revealed: Galenmir, the stone giant who had killed Cecil, was simply disguised as Mokmurian. Cecil was filled with rage and terror as he recognised his enemy, but it still took all his power and numerous spells from Ciaran to finish the powerful giant off. The giant died laughing, even as Ciaran’s fireball charred Nu’s remains beyond hope of revival.

Mokmurian 2

lyrie3-pMeanwhile, the hidden mage continued to wreak havoc on the group until Ciaran used his powers to see invisible creatures. He was surprised to recognise her as none other than Lyrie Akenja, the wizard they had allowed to walk free back in Thistletop. She looked rather different now, with demonic eyes and horrible scars on her flesh. She had also become much more powerful, but she was no match for the combined power of the group. The final hound fled, leaving the heroes to recover Nu’s charred remains and see if Mokmurian had left any clues behind. Ciaran turned up several spellbooks and what seemed to be Mokmurian’s diary.

It was at this point that Igg remembered why he had come to the dungeon. He had found himself in the shadow realm after his time in Magnimar, and a powerful mage named Akorian had met him there. Akorian could not leave the shadow realm himself, but he knew that if Mokmurian was able to complete his invasion of Varisia, it would spell certain doom for Varisia and the rest of Golarion. He wanted the heroes to meet another of his agents Alamander at the Storval Stairs and find a way to stop Mokmurian.

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