Lego Set: Minecraft Village

Last weekend at Icon I ended up buying a new Lego set from Blox Universe, Lego Minecraft: The Village. It’s one of four Lego Minecraft sets currently available. They’re all smallish sets, around 450+ pieces (this one has 466 pieces) and costing about R450.


The pieces are all very small – the majority of them are those one square bitty things that are a bit tricky to put down neatly, but as you can see, the overall effect works very well in creating a Minecraft feel. There are also a few nice ‘secrets’, as there are in most Lego sets, like the removable ‘Tetris block’ see in the grey wall above. (This is definitely not a set for children, as it’s made up of miniscule bits.)

This set is built up from four smaller modules of the ‘village’, as you can see in the photo below. Each module connects to the others via the little black sticky bits that you can see in the bottom right of the image below.


The set also comes with three ‘minifigures’, which are really just a few small blocks stacked on top of each other, but again, it works well to reproduce the ‘people’ seen in the game. I must admit, it was the little pig that convinced me to choose this set over the other three available.


Despite being a little fiddly to put together, I love the final look of the set, as well as the fact that I don’t need a huge amount of space to display it. Plus, it actually fits back into its square box once you’ve built it.

If you’re a Minecraft and a Lego fan, you will want to check these sets out. There are also several more sets in the pipeline, due out later in the year.

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