Smith Legacy–Chapter Twenty-Five

It was a time of change in the Smith household. Magenta decided it was time to turn her remaining child, Alexandra, into a mortal.


Alexandra didn’t mind being mortal, at first, but she soon started to miss her pretty fairy wings and other powers. She sought solace in food, buying herself numerous kitchen gadgets to keep things interesting.


Of course, since she was already at the top of her game food-wise, Alexandra decided it was time to pursue her REAL life goal of becoming rich and famous. She quit her job as a world-renowned chef, and headed to the recently-opened movie studio, hoping the career change would keep her busy and help her climb the celebrity ladder.


Meanwhile, Elizabeth had already been mortal for quite some time, and old age finally caught up with her.

PS: The Sims 4 Create a Sim Demo is finally available! You can find it in Origin under Free Games/Demos. The download seems to be about 1GB. 

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