Keeping up with the Joneses #1

Welcome to the first chapter of my new Sims 4 legacy challenge. Last week I introduced Alexis Jones, the founder of the Jones legacy. As per the rules of the challenge, poor Alexis started off life in Willow Creek with a very small number of Simoleans, meaning her home was rather… modest.


Alexis dreamed of having a big happy family, but that dream seemed very far off when all she could afford was a bed, a toilet and a fridge. She immediately sought work as a Tech Guru to help to pay the bills (and to keep her from going out of her mind with boredom!)


Her lack of furniture at home meant Alexis spent most of her time (when she wasn’t working long hours at the call centre) around town, looking for entertainment and meeting as many people as possible, all the while looking for the perfect Mr Jones.


Having a hot cooked meal was a delight after the many nights of cold cereal and orange juice.


Alexis generally had a cheerful outlook on life, but the thought of returning home to her tiny hovel did not excite her. She hoped things would get better as she started climbing the corporate ladder, but it was hard to hone her programming skills without her own computer.


This meant late nights at the public library making use of their computer facilities. Fortunately no one ever looked too closely as Alexis hacked her way into several local businesses…

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