Keeping up with the Joneses #2


Alexis still didn’t have much at home to keep her entertained, so it was pretty normal to find her dancing alone at the local nightclub, all the while keeping an eye out for a potential date.


And so it wasn’t long until Alexis met Nick Hoffmann, a handsome Sim who Alexis found irresistible. [I’ve just noticed that this screenshot includes the shadow of a streetlamp, but no streetlamp…]


Alexis didn’t really want Nick to know that she was basically broke and living in squalor at the edge of town, so she made frequent trips to the gym to clean herself up.


She probably wasn’t the only Sim making use of the gym’s facilities, but Alexis’ pride led to her to sneak in and out of the changing rooms when no one was looking.


The hope of scoring a date with Nick led Alexis to spend countless hours exercising as well, though her lack of money and kitchen facilities at home meant she was fighting a losing battle with junk food…

Continue Alexis’s story in Chapter 3. 

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