The Invasion of Varisia IV

BarthusSession Date: 3 October 2014. Continues from The Invasion of Varisia III.

When they returned to Ravenmoor with the death worm poison, our heroes met Jerick, the poison expert that Jaden had sent from Sandpoint (with the help of a teleportation spell from Zoren). This strange man gleefully took the poison sacs and set to work distilling them into a usable form. It would then be a (relatively) simple matter of locating the giant army’s supply wagons and contaminating their food supply… without being detected.

While Jerick worked, Zoren, Ciaran and Cecil decided to take care of the barrel of ale that Jerick had brought with him from Sandpoint. The next morning Jerick appeared with the poison, apparently having worked through the night. The heroes decided to check in with Alamander to see what news he had of the giant army’s movement.

While poisoning the giants’ food supply was an important mission, Alamander directed the heroes to a small range of hills south of Ravenmoor. Hill giant activity had been reported in the area and Alamander was concerned that these giants might attack the slowest of the refugees, who had passed through those hills only a day or two ago.

Nu, Ciaran and Cecil mounted up on borrowed horses, one of these being Timmy, one of the horses that had been stolen while the heroes investigated Habe’s Santorium so long ago. Evidence of the hill giants presented itself soon after the heroes reached the area Alamander had directed them to. With Cecil’s giant tracking skills, they soon found an encampment of hill giants and ambushed them. Ciaran attacked with fireballs from above, causing chaos in the giant camp, while Nu, Cecil and Nova attacked from the ground.

Even with Ciaran’s well-placed fireballs, there were still over a dozen hill giants, including their particularly tough chief, Urburg Armbreaker. Before anyone realised what had happened, Cecil had taken a fatal blow (and his body was then incinerated by one of Ciaran’s fireballs). Nu and Ciaran managed to finish off the remaining hill giants, but it was too late for Cecil.

There now remained only one hill giant alive: a prisoner, an ancient female hill giant who actually spoke a few words of Common. She begged the heroes to spare her, promising that she could save Cecil. Nu and Ciaran agreed, as they had neither the time nor the gold to pay for another expensive resurrection spell. The hill giant spent an hour on an elaborate ritual, creating a new body for Cecil.

Unfortunately for Cecil, his new body was not an elven one. In fact, when he awoke, he realised that he was somehow in an orc’s body. Cecil was glad to be alive once again, but he worried that his animal companion might not recognise him. However, the elderly hill giant spoke some strange words to Nova, who seemed to understand that this was still her Cecil.

Her debt paid, the hill giant druid set about preparing the bodies of her own animal companion, a wolf that had died in the battle.

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