Keeping up with the Joneses #17


Bryant, now a young adult and the head of the Jones family, felt the pressure of being the heir to the Jones name. As a hot headed, romantic who hated children, the pressure was almost too much for him. Still, he tried his best on the dating scene, impressing women with his cooking skills.


He tried to stay close to his sister, as all they had was each other now, and he suggested a trip to the gym.


Other Sims were at the gym, working out and socialising, though the Grim Reaper was something of a surprise.


Fortunately, he hadn’t come for a member of the Jones family. Death was apparently just watching his weight.


Bianca soon realised she wasn’t cut out for physical fitness.


Bryant’s attempts to climb the ladder of the culinary career were hampered by his lack of mixology skills, so he moonlighted at a local bar with some success.

The Jones story continues in Chapter 18.

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