Review: Urban Dressing: Slum Town

Slum_front_220Today I’ve got another Raging Swan Press product for review. This one, Slum Town, comes from their Urban Dressing line. You can pick it up at

This 10 page PDF has 7 pages of tables covering just about anything you might expect to find in the slums. The first table is sights and sounds, providing 100 things your PCs might happen upon while wandering through your slum town. Some of these are just flavourful descriptions that will help your town come to life, while others might give you ideas that could be expanded upon.

The second table lists 50 businesses that might be found in the slums, each with a unique name, what type of shop it is, and something noteworthy about the business. The third table contains 50 NPCs that might be found in the town. Some of these clearly match up with the businesses in the previous table, while the rest are just persons of interest who your PCs might encounter or need to deal with while in the town.┬áThe final table offers 20 activities in the town that could serve to liven up the PCs’ visit, start them off on quests, and so on.

As I read through this PDF, it painted quite a vivid picture of a grim slum town. Besides giving life to a location, the descriptions also gave me plenty of ideas for missions and side quests, as well as a wealth of NPCs to help deliver the plot hooks. If you are planning to use some kind of slum town in an upcoming adventure, this product is a must-have. The descriptions are almost entirely system-neutral, meaning this supplement could be useful to any game master.

One thought on “Review: Urban Dressing: Slum Town

  • January 7, 2015 at 10:57 am

    *&%@#! I’ve needed this for like the last 10 years of gaming! I’ve had to wade through thick history books (not the fun kind) for Medieval stats on slums and cities. Dagnabbit!

    Thanks for the review though. Based on the title I would have passed this one over without a glance. Cheers!


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