The Vault of Greed

250px-NalfeshneeContinued from previous session. 

After dispatching the mithral mage and his apprentices, the heroes moved on to the next room, which was full of golden statues in various combat poses. There was also a nalfeshnee demon present, who promised¬†them “great rewards” in exchange for his freedom.

When the demon realised the heroes weren’t likely to free him – the monk was not fooled by his empty promises – the demon quickly summoned two vrock allies and attacked. Their screeches dazed Cecil, Radha and Ciaran right away, giving the demons the advantage. Their other demonic abilities further put the odds in their favour, but they did not expect the heroes to be protected from evil, and the sheer amount of damage done by Radha’s sneak attacks eventually wore down even the tough nalfeshnee demon. He would never have admitted it, but it was almost a relief to be released from his thousands of years spent guarding this room.

With the demons vanquished, the heroes thought they had probably dealt with the worst that the vault of greed had to offer, but in the next room they found a strange pool of water, pulsing with raw magical energy. They only realised the danger of the pool when it drained a part of Cecil’s life force (-6 ability drain to Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma). After that, they kept their distance as they tried to figure out just what the water was for. Ciaran successfully used mage hand to fill a flask with the water, after destroying a wand of scorching ray.

When they took the flask of water to the central Runeforge pool, it glowed with magic energy, but some components seemed to be missing. Ciaran conjured a magnificent mansion where they could all rest before attempting another wing of the dangerous Runeforge.

Next session: The Iron Cages of Lust

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