Review: Village Backdrop: Arrowhill

Arrowhill_front_new_220Arrowhill is a small town of humans with a deep distrust of magic, and a hatred of elves. This intolerance is not without cause, however, as the town has been at the mercy of a spiteful elven druid for many years. The druid has been even more demanding and unpredictable of late, however, and it seems that something more sinister is really controlling the town.

This Village Backdrop by Raging Swan Press presents Arrowhill in a surprising amount of detail in just 5 pages of content. In addition to a general overview of the village, the names and general background of several notable inhabitants are also given. Lore and rumours that characters might know or discover about the settlement are also provided, as well as a general description of what the average townspeople are likely to look like as well as what they might wear.

There is also a neat hand-drawn map of Arrowhill, which is labelled only with numbers, giving it potential as a player handout in addition to a GM resource. A brief overview of these numbered locations is given, followed by more detailed descriptions of each location, which paints a pretty vivid picture of the town. There are also full stats given for two characters whose combat skills could become relevant while the PCs investigate the town.

Finally, a bit more detail about life, trade and events in the village are also given so that GMs can flesh out the town as needed. All of the information given is specific enough to spark the reader’s imagination, but vague enough so as to make Arrowhill flexible enough to fit into a variety of situations and settings. Apart from the stats given for one of the NPCs, most of the rest of the content could easily be adapted to any system, not just Pathfinder.

Village Backdrop: Arrowhill is a great little product that presents a ready-to-use adventure site that game masters can use as-is or adapt as needed. It is available from several online shops, including

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