Keeping up with the Joneses #30


Part of Bianca’s lifetime goal was to mentor other Sims in music. Since she had mastered the violin, she shared some of her wisdom with Clara, who was an average student.


As she felt old age coming, Bianca spent some time socialising in the park, and staring at strange Sims who felt the need to rummage in garbage despite the free food available in the park.


Meanwhile, Callie found the criminal career quite challenging, as she had to practice mischievous and mean interactions on many Sims. It was during one of her outings to torment new Sims that she met Lane.


Lane and Callie hit it off almost immediately, and were soon flirting.


For the first time, Callie wondered if perhaps she could be the next Jones heir.

The Jones family story continues in Chapter 31.

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