Keeping up with the Joneses #49


Now that Clara was an elder, she felt that her life was missing something. She had a great career and her twin sister had a wonderful family, but Clara somehow still felt lonely.


She decided to invite her friend Cindy over to chat.


It had been a while since Cindy had been to visit, and Clara was a little surprised by how old her friend looked – but then, she supposed she didn’t look all that young either.


As they reminisced about the good old days, Clara realised what her life had been missing. She made a couple of flirty comments, jokingly at first, gainingĀ confidence when Cindy didn’t reject her advances.


Clara decided to throw caution to the wind – after all, neither of them were getting any younger – and moved in for her first ever kiss (better late than never, she thought to herself.)

The Jones family story continues in Chapter 50.

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