Keeping up with the Joneses #54

Jones family legacy challenge 283

Darlene was ready to join the real world as a young adult. While no one was around to celebrate with her, someone had at least left a cake in the kitchen.

Jones family legacy challenge 284

Darlene was a goofball, a glutton and a geek, as well as a hopeful romantic. She took a job as an astronaut and then hit the town to meet some new people.

Jones family legacy challenge 285

It took Clara a while to adjust to the death of her friend Cindy, but eventually her job forced her to go out and make new friends.

Jones family legacy challenge 286

Unfortunately Clara just couldn’t relate to the young people she met, so she decided to tease them instead. Her hand buzzer became her weapon of choice.

Jones family legacy challenge 287

Meanwhile Callie also felt the weight of her years upon her. The shadow of the Grim Reaper was upon her, and she had not yet reached the top of the criminal career. She feared she would not manageĀ it in time.

The Jones family story continues in Chapter 55.

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