Keeping up with the Joneses #57

Jones Family Legacy 297

Declan continued to visit the family graveyard on almost a daily basis. Instead of spending time with the living members of the Jones family, he just couldn’t keep his mind off his father and grandparents. [Note: There was something about the stove in the Jones house that made Sims stop cooking and go mourn. Maybe it was the spirit of Bryant, the greatest Jones chef?]

Jones Family Legacy 298

Meanwhile, Evelyn and Edith became best friends and continued to hatch dastardly plans to unleash at school. Darlene, the ever hopeful romantic, started making friends with some of the town’s eligible bachelors.

Jones Family Legacy 299

When Declan wasn’t lamenting lost family members, he was practicing his music. He was determined to one day become a concert virtuoso.

Jones Family Legacy 300

While everyone else was preoccupied with their own affairs, the Grim Reaper paid a visit to Clara. Her days as a double diamond secret agent and neighbourhood flirt were over. She had led a good life.

The Jones family story continues in Chapter 58.

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