LEGO Ideas: Lothlorien

When I was investigating the LEGO Ideas website for information on the Big Bang Theory set that I blogged about last week, I came across numerous other really cool LEGO set ideas. One that really caught my eye was a Lord of the Rings Lothlorien set. It’represents just a portion of the elven town, specifically the place where the Fellowship meets Galadriel and Celeborn, and the mirror of Galadriel. The set’s creator RAKRONDEWL has created numerous other Lord of the Rings inspired sets, but this one is by the far the most supported of his creations and is not too far from the 10,000 supporters mark that is needed for LEGO to seriously consider the set.

Lord of the Rings Lothlorien LEGO set

Check out the Lothlorien set over on the LEGO Ideas website and support it if you think it’s something LEGO should consider making into a real set. It’s just one of many really awesome fan creations on that website and I must admit I’m quite proud to share the hobby with so many talented builders.

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