In Search of Xin-Shalast II

Wendigo Seige

Rise of the Runelords Campaign Journal. Session Date: 12 June 2015. Continued from previous session

After a quick trip to Magnimar to have Cecil resurrected, the party visited Jorgenfist for a celebratory feast (celebrating Cecil’s return to the land of the living, of course). Once they had recovered from the festivities, they headed back to the dwarf cabin in the Kodar mountains to return Karivek Vekker’s bones to his brother, Silas’s ghost. The two ghosts began a battle of wills while a blizzard started, seemingly out of nowhere, outside.

The heroes could not stand about and watch the ghosts face off, however, as the entire cabin shook with the force of some very angry creature attempting to break down the walls and reach them. It did not take the enraged wendigo very long to tear down part of the wall and attack the heroes directly.

The fight with the wendigo went slowly at first, as some of the heroes focused their attention on the cannibalistic ghost, hoping to help Silas reconcile with his brother. Silas was forced to tear his concentration away from his mental battle in order to beg the heroes not to interfere. They didn’t need much convincing, as the wendigo proved to be a powerful enemy. Nevertheless, it could not prevail against the full force of Nu, Cecil, Ciaran and Radha combined, and soon fell.

With the beast slain, Silas was able to calm his brother’s spirit and the two were able to depart from the material plane in peace, leaving behind the missing journal pages that would show the heroes the way to Xin-Shalast. With this information in hand, the heroes followed the path set out by the dwarven brothers all those decades ago. The instructions led the heroes to a frozen swampland where they encountered a beautiful nymph named Svenka.. She offered them sanctuary in her swamp and blessed Snappy, Ciaran’s familiar, with a new spell. She also told them what she knew about the city and its inhabitants.

Although the dwarves’ journal told them to fast and wait for the full moon, that was not for another nine days, so the heroes decided to attempt to find the city on their own. Svenka had warned them of the region’s proximity to the nightmare realm of Leng and its reality-warping properties. The heroes spent several hours wandering the wilderness finding themselves separated by unknown forces, only to find one another again upon leaving and re-entering the region. Eventually they found their way to a road paved with golden flagstones – the first real proof they had had that they were actually getting close to the lost city of greed.

Of course, the road was well-defended by a frost giant and some cloud giants. After a challenging battle, the heroes were victorious and ready to enter the city of Xin-Shalast.

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