Minifig Monday #40: Sad Clown


The sad clown from series 10 is today’s minifig, and he pretty much sums up my feelings towards my computer at the moment. Let’s just say that my mechanical hard drive is showing signs of impending failure, and has already rendered some of my files unreadable. The not-so-funny thing is that I do almost all my work in Google Drive or Dropbox or OneDrive… except my blog work. All my photos and header images and whatnot are stored on my mechanical hard drive. So sad clown here is a reminder to do those things you know you should do but maybe haven’t gotten around to for a while… like backing up your important files!

Minifig Monday is a weekly post in which I feature a random LEGO minifigure from my personal collection. Unless otherwise stated, all minifigs have been photographed by me, TriangularRoom.

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