Keeping up with the Joneses #63

Jones Family Legacy 326

Death took a leisurely stroll through the Jones family garden before departing with Callie’s soul. This place was starting to feel like a second home to him.

Jones Family Legacy 327

Not wanting to waste her life now that her mother was gone, Darlene went exploring in town and met a new friend, Danny Duff. Darlene was smitten, but she tried to play it cool.

Jones Family Legacy 328

Declan continued caring for his children, the need to pass on something to them weighing more heavily on him than ever. Edith was rather good at piano, but it was not her greatest talent.

Jones Family Legacy 329

The family spent many hours together, tending the Jones garden. It was hard work now that it had grown to so many plants.

Jones Family Legacy 330

Declan was an excellent chef, but sometimes his grandfather’s stove just didn’t want to cooperate.

The Jones family story continues in Chapter 64.

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