Music for Roleplaying: Epic

The Kraken Spite by caiomm

I’ve already looked at great movie and video game soundtracks that can be used for roleplaying sessions. While I was looking for that music, I also came across a whole lot of music that I can only call, well, epic. It’s the kind of music you hear in movie trailers: awesome and epic music that tends to sound vaguely familiar but that your players probably won’t associate with a specific film or game or whatever.

I’ve listed the artist/company names below, with links to their YouTube channel or iTunes listing so you can take a listen for yourself. Most of them have numerous albums available on iTunes and such, though you may find yourself picking and choosing individual songs depending on your needs.

Epic Music

More epic music to look out for

a3073393619_10Here are a few more names that came up in my searching:

I also came across This Is Epic Music, Vol. 1, which has a nice selection of tracks from several of the artists I mentioned above, and is a great starting point if you’re not sure what to choose.

Featured image by caiomm on DeviantArt.

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