LEGO: Art of the Brick Exhibition

The Art of the Brick exhibition has been around the world, and is currently in Johannesburg. This unusual art exhibition features the LEGO designs of Nathan Sawaya, a former lawyer who decided building with LEGO was more fun.


The scale of the exhibition really has to be seen to be believed. While there are a few small sculptures, the exhibition is largely made up of huge LEGO constructions containing thousands or even tens of thousands of LEGO bricks. The scale really has to be seen to be believed – it’s hard to imagine a life-size LEGO sculpture until you’re standing right next to it.

The photos below are just a fraction of the artworks on display – the exhibition itself is huge, containing dozens of individual pieces. It’s definitely a treat for any LEGO fan.


This massive LEGO version of the Parthenon is made of 17,842 LEGO bricks.



Sawaya has recreated several famous paintings in LEGO, including The Great Wave of Kanagawa (2,877 bricks) and Starry Night (3,493 bricks).


His artworks cover a wide range of subjects, though many are of human figures.


You can catch the Art of the Brick at The Zone, Rosebank until 2 August 2015. It’s well worth a look if you’re a LEGO or art fan.

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