PFRPG Review: The Fragrant Tower

The Fragrant TowerRaging Swan press has started a new line of products named Places of Power. This one focuses on a location called the Fragrant Tower, and presents this tower in great detail. The PDF contains just 6 pages of material, including one page taken up by a map of the tower, but those 6 pages are packed with adventure hooks, interesting characters, and unusual magic items.

While the description of the tower is purposefully left vague to allow it to fit into just about any setting, there is still plenty of detail given, including a brief history of the tower and a description of the mysterious and reclusive wizard who resides there as well as his small household of servants. A full stat block for this wizard is also given, so that GMs can include him in their campaign without much preparation.

The contents of the tower, and what PCs might do there, is detailed as well. It could become an adventure site, where the heroes come to investigate the rumours of strange odours coming from the direction of the tower, or what strange experiments are being performed by the tower’s inhabitants to cause the strong fragrances emanating from it. Alternatively, it could be a unique magic shop for heroes seeking a special magic item.

The maps included in this product present all 7 levels of the tower, as well as side view of the exterior. I was pleasantly surprised to recognise the work of Dyson Logos, a favourite map artist of mine. The maps themselves can be downloaded separately from the Raging Swan website.

Like all Raging Swan titles, Places of Power: The Fragrant Tower is packed with ideas for GMs that can be used in just about any campaign. With the exception of the stat blocks, it could even fit into a non-Pathfinder game.

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