The Hidden Beast

tumblr_m2fvu6kS8B1qzv4gao1_500Session Date: Friday 17 July 2015. Continued from previous session.

The skulk Morgiv led the heroes to the entrance of the Hidden Beast’s lair. He couldn’t tell them much about the creature, as it had never been seen. All he knew was that it was somehow controlling the leaders of the Spared and their people had been disappearing. It was assumed that the Hidden Beast was killing these missing Spared.

Even though the heroes took great pains to approach the Hidden Beast’s lair stealthily, it turned out that the beast was ready for them. After Ciaran managed to dispel the invisibility effect protecting the monstrous beast, the heroes had a fighting chance, though it very nearly drained the life from Nu.

Getting close to the beast proved to be difficult, and Nova was slain in the attempt. Fortunately, Nanali was able to use her breath of life spell to bring Cecil’s beloved animal companion back to life. Cecil and Radha managed to finish off the beast, though the fact that it turned into mist instead of leaving a body behind had everyone worried.

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