Exploring Xin-Shalast II

Rune GiantSession Dates: Friday 24 and 31┬áJuly 2015. Continued from previous session. (Each of these sessions was taken up mostly by combat, so I’ve combined them here.)

After defeating the Hidden Beast and its minions, the heroes were curious as to the lack of bodies left behind. They investigated the stone dais where the Hidden Beast had disappeared after turning into mist. Ciaran blasted a hole in the dais, allowing the others to easily destroy the helpless beast as it lay in its coffin. Nanali thought they might need holy water to completely destroy the vampiric creature, so they gathered up its corpse in the hopes that the Spared would have some holy water.

The Beast’s minions proved much easier to destroy: a simple beheading was enough to reduce them to dust. The party returned to the Spared through the tunnels and requested holy water to destroy the body of the Hidden Beast. With the creature that had been terrorising them for decades dead, and their prophecy fulfilled, the skulks were overjoyed at their newfound freedom.

The skulks promised the heroes whatever assistance they could provide, and the heroes asked for more information on the city. The skulks described how part of the city had been overtaken by plants that thrived in the harsh conditions where most other plants simply died. They also mentioned Jotunburg, where the majority of the city’s giants resided, and the temple area, where numerous lamias could be found.

Upon reaching Jotunburg, the heroes decided it would be suicidal to take on an entire fortress of giants right away, and opted instead to investigate one of the temples. This one was built in the shape of a Sihedron rune and seemed relatively unguarded. Once inside, however, the party discovered that the lamia-kin hungerers were not to be trifled with. The hungerers were backed up by several other lamias, and the alarm was soon sounded, summoning several giants to the fight, including a massive rune giant.

Thanks to several decisive and critical strikes against Nu, he went down, leaving the rest of the heroes to finish the fight before the monk bled to death. It was a tough battle, though Snappy’s special spell (given to him by the nymph in the Icemists) proved effective against the 40-foot-tall giant. Eventually the heroes were victorious, and Nanali was able to return Nu from the brink of death before it was too late.

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