PFRPG Review: Campaign Events: Masquerade Ball

MasqueradeBallCampaign Events: Masquerade Ball is the first in a new series by Raging Swan Press, offering ready-made descriptions, ideas and plot hooks to drop into your campaign. As the name suggests, this series revolves around events rather than places or specific people.

A masquerade ball can be fun events, and are something of a staple in films and video games, so it makes sense that one might come up in your fantasy tabletop game. Of course, describing the interesting masks and outfits of all the attendees would be prohibitively time-consuming for a game master, and that’s where Campaign Events: Masquerade Ball comes in.

This product contains 50 mundane masks – though they’re anything but mundane! – from a scarecrow mask made out of a burlap sack to beautiful gem-encrusted masks. There are also 50 magical masks with much more unusual properties, from a skull mask with glowing red eyes to a mask that makes the wearer’s face appear upside down. That’s a hundred handy descriptions that a GM can use to describe the masks worn by important characters or just random guests at the ball.

Next up are 50 female costumes, and 50 male costumes, covering a wide variety of styles and fashions. This should ensure you can describe what any guest is wearing when the players ask. These 4 tables alone are probably almost worth the price of this product, but Raging Swan Press takes things one step further, and provides 50 NPCs with names and brief descriptions, making it easy to populate your event with plausible-sounding people. These descriptions also offer a lot of potential story ideas and plot hooks.

Finally, there are 20 hooks, complications and opportunities, describing individual events that might occur during a masquerade ball. There’s enough content here for a game master to prepare an elaborate masquerade ball in a fraction of the time it might normally take. Campaign Events: Masquerade Ball makes me want to find a way to work a masked ball into my next session! It’s available on, or you can check out the free sample on

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