PFRPG Review: I Loot the Body

I Loot the BodyThe title of I Loot the Body immediately caught my attention, as these are words so often heard at gaming tables. The premise of this PDF is simple: characters in your RPG game world are likely to carry items beyond their combat equipment. This might include jewelry, trinkets or keepsakes: those little touches that make them seem like real people living in a real world.

I Loot the Body presents three tables with 100 entries each. First is ‘Pouch Contents’, an assortment of a hundred different items that a person might have in their possession, from “a set of blank parchments sandwiched between polished wooden covers and tied together with red string” to “a small, battered spyglass, which has all its glass missing” and just about anything you can think of in between.

Next there is a table of jewelry and adornments, which lists a hundred decorative items that a person might wear, from “a head sash formed entirely of dried and preserved woven seaweed” to “chunks of pink crystal threaded along with black beads onto a leather bracelet” and all manner of other jewelry and decorations. Finally, there is a table of trinkets, which range from “an invitation to a party going on that evening” to “a chunk of obsidian shaped into a cow’s head”.

Many of these items could be found on a body, though some of them could also work well in a dwelling that the players are exploring to add some flavour. While most items are mundane, there are a few with apparent magical properties, and a handful that might lead the heroes to pause for thought, and perhaps even investigate further.

The items presented in I Loot the Body are entirely system-independent. making this a great product for any game master who wants to add some flavour and realism to their world.

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