Real Life vs Pathfinder

Blue Dragon Fight

Although my regular Pathfinder group did have a session last week, I won’t do a recap this week – it was a fairly short session consisting of some looting, exploring and about 6 rounds of combat (even short combats like that take ages at high levels), so I’ll combine the recap with the recap of next session. However, I’m going to chat briefly about the real life aspects of that session.

Nearly a full month had passed since our last session, which made it one of our longer breaks. Real life simply got in the way: family, business trips, social lives, that sort of thing. And it seemed like the universe was conspiring against us this past Friday. First, Nu’s player got stuck in traffic. Then he was pulled over by the cops. When he finally arrived for the session, he received a message from work and have to drive back to the office to sort something out – that meant another long drive through traffic. Meanwhile, Radha’s player was stuck at home, waiting for a delivery that was over two hours late.

What struck me about all of this (besides the fact that we were having extraordinarily bad luck!) was that everyone still wanted to play. I even suggested that perhaps we should just give up and play another day, but no one wanted to do that. I must admit, I felt a bit of pressure to run a really great session, but they made it easy for me by going after a dragon, which led to a pretty epic fight and the party got to level up at the end.

I won’t ramble any more on this subject, I just wanted to share what was a great moment for me as a game master: my players really wanted to be at my game, despite real life conspiring against us. It also helped me feel more positive about completing this campaign three years in the making.

Header image by Mike Sass on DeviantArt.

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