7 Tips & Tricks for The Sims 4

The Sims 4

After playing The Sims 4 for a year, I’ve picked up quite a few handy tricks that make playing the game a little bit easier, so I thought I’d share them here:

1. Use the Save As function regularly

Saves and auto saves in The Sims 4 are known to corrupt from time to time, so using the Save As option to make a new save now and then is a good idea to be on the safe side. It could mean the difference between losing hours of playtime rather than days! It’s also a good idea to make a backup copy of your save files from time to time (copy them from Documents to a different location on your computer, or even in the cloud).

2. Empty your Sim’s inventory before they die

If you have a Sim that’s on death’s doorstep, check their inventory and sell or move the contents elsewhere. Full inventories can cause the game to freeze when that Sim dies.

It’s also worth noting that if your Sim dies while you’re not playing that family, the contents of its inventory don’t go to the family inventory. They simply disappear!

3. You can switch aspirations at any time…

…and you won’t lose any progress! However, if one of your Sim’s aspiration goals is something like ‘Start 3 paintings while inspired’ then they need to complete that task while that aspiration is active, or it won’t be counted.

4. Sims can be aged up at any time

Just make them a cake and get them to blow out the candles. Babies can be aged up by simply interacting with their crib.

5. You can move a house around on its lot 

No more rebuilding if you build in the wrong place. In Build Mode, there’s a button at the top of the screen that allows you to move the entire contents of a lot.

6. Handy Shortcuts

  • Tab: Switches to a kind of free camera mode, allowing you to zoom in closer than normal for great screenshots. Also hides most of the interface except for plumbobs.
  • Arrow keys + Shift: Pressing Shift while using the arrow keys to move around will speed things up.
  • Page Up/Page Down: Switch between floors.
  • Home/End: Cycle through Walls Up/Partially Up/Down.
  • [ and ]: Increase or decrease the size of a held object in Build Mode. Works on most items except mirrors and windows.
  • C: Take a screenshot. This automatically hides the game interface.
  • G: Toggle the grid in Build Mode.

7. Useful cheats that aren’t really cheats

Toggle the ‘cheat’ console using Ctrl+Shift+C.

  • Reset Sim: If a Sim is stuck, this should help. Type resetsim firstname lastname.
  • Move Objects on: Lets you place objects where they normally couldn’t go. Works beautifully for decorative and non-functional items, but may cause problems on items Sims need to interact with. Type bb.moveobjects and then use the 0 and 9 keys to adjust the item being held in Build Mode.
  • Unlock reward content: While it’s nice to get rewards for completing career or event milestones, sometimes you just want to use an item without going through the unlocking process. Type bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement. This will make all unlockable content available in the catalogue.

Have any handy tricks you’ve picked up while playing The Sims 4? Share them in the comments below! 

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