Scaling Mhar Massif

Power by Satibalzane

Session Dates: Friday 31 August and 18 September (most of these sessions have been largely spent on combat, so I have combined them here). Character level: 17

After their nearly deadly encounter with the rune giant and lamias, the heroes decided to deal with another powerful threat in the city, the blue dragon they had seen flying overhead several times. They managed to find his lair at the far end of Xin-Shalast, mercifully away from the giant fortress. Powerful though he was, the giant didn’t stand a chance against the full force of Nu, Ciaran, Cecil and Radha, and they claimed the dragon’s hoard as their own.

Equipped with some powerful new treasure, the heroes decided it was time to take the fight to Karzoug’s fortress, high up on the mountain. The easiest way was to climb the golden stairs, which they managed with the help of some flight spells from Ciaran, and clever use of their bags of holding for the non-flying party members. The air was cold and thin this high up, making it difficult to breathe. Fortunately Ciaran cast a life bubble spell on the party to allow them to survive the high altitude and extreme conditions.

Before they reached the level of the fortress, however, they were attacked by freakishly huge, alien spiders, who wielded strange weapons made of webbing. These did not prove to be much of a match for the heroes, and they moved on. Further up, they felt a strange sensation, followed by horrible pain, which pulsed every minute. Remembering the information they had found in the lamia temple, they decided to try the Sihedron rings and medallions they had in their possession. They found these protected them from the strange pulsing energy.

After this, Nanali (Ciaran’s shaman companion) decided to summon a planetar angel to assist them in their quest. With the promise of a share of the treasure obtained from the dragon’s hoard, and the chance to rid the world of Karzoug’s evil, the planetar Andariel joined the party. When they finally reached the top of their climb, the party was greeted by a palace of epic proportions, and the face of the runelord glaring down at them from the very peak of the mountain.

From here, the heroes decided to proceed directly into the largest building, hoping that that would be where Karzoug was waiting.

Header image by Satibalzane on DeviantArt.

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