Minifig Monday #52

Pizza Guy

Today’s minifig is the pizza guy from series 12. His face is freckly and he has braces. I must admit I’ve never seen a pizza delivery guy who looks like this in real life, but does look a lot like the pizza guys we see in movies. He also has both a pizza box and a pizza, which seems to suggest he’s not quite got the hang of the pizza delivery thing yet!

Minifig Monday is a weekly post in which I feature a random LEGO minifigure from my personal collection. Unless otherwise stated, all minifigs have been photographed by me, TriangularRoom.

2 thoughts on “Minifig Monday #52

  • October 12, 2015 at 4:46 pm

    Got this minifig standing next to my player 1 minifig on top of a shelf filled with Video Games. Three of my favourite things!! Video Games, Pizza & Lego:)!!


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