The Pinnacle of Avarice

Session Dates: Friday 18 September and 2 October (most of these sessions have been largely spent on combat, so I have combined them here). Character level: 17

Once they reached Karzoug’s tower, they were surprised to find nothing but a spiral ramp leading up and up to a higher level hundreds of feet above ground level. There was at least some air and warmth inside this building. Upon reaching the upper level of the tower, the heroes were greeted by several giants, who attacked on sight. This level looked more like what they had come to expect from the Runelord of Greed: polished floors, lavishly decorated walls, jewels and gold glittering from every surface.

The giants were tough opponents, but nothing the heroes hadn’t dealt with before. In the corridor adjacent to the entrance hall, the heroes discovered something more deadly. A vision of Karzoug appeared before the party, taunting them. He then unleashed a ear-splitting wail that killed Radha, Nanali and Nova instantly. Ciaran clung to life by a thread, and the planetar Andariel hurried to bring back Nanali so she could help revive the others, while Cecil and Nu stood by helplessly.

With this glimpse of the power of their ultimate foe, the heroes regrouped hurriedly as they heard shouting and heavy footfalls from nearby rooms, the noise having alerted the entire complex to their presence. Soon the heroes were surrounded by cloud giants, storm giants, and a rune giant, a hungerer and two humans who seemed to be Karzoug’s apprentice and his champion.

The fight was long and difficult, but the relatively limited space in the corridor hindered the maneuverability of the giants, leading to their eventual defeat. Finally, the heroes had managed to kill everything else in the corridor, and there was momentary peace. How long it would last was unknown, and they hurried into Ciaran’s conjured mansion to recover.

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