Pathfinder: Being a Player Again

With my Rise of the Runelords campaign drawing to a close after 2 and a half years and 17 levels, I’ve begun thinking about being a player again. My hubby has offered to be game master for a while in a new campaign, which means I get to make a character who won’t get murdered straight away, as so many of my NPCs do.

I think relinquishing control to another GM is going to be challenging for me. I have so many ideas of improvements and house rules for the next campaign, and yet I realise I won’t have the final say on the rules anymore. Heck, even having to ask someone else to approve my planned character is a bit of a novel concept.

Still, I’m very excited to be able to make a character and to show up to games without having done hours of preparation and guessing what the party might end up doing. All I’ll have to do is show up and make sure I know what my character can do. Players have it so easy 😉

photoOn the topic of character creation, my biggest issue at the moment is picking one idea and sticking with it. I’ve found the character portrait on the right (I believe she’s an NPC from the Iron Gods adventure path), by the amazing artist Miguel Regodon, that I’ve decided will represent my character. Now it’s just a matter of creating the character.

When building characters, I like choosing a possible class and looking over all the guides and discussions about the class and its archetypes, until I narrow down options that are both mechanically powerful but also flavourful. While I’m probably not a true power gamer or min/max-er, I do like to build optimised characters. I also like flavour, so I tend to have an internal battle about the strongest option versus what fits the character better.

For this character, I’m looking at a magus. I love the idea of swinging a sword and using magic when needed. At the moment, I’m looking at a strength-based hexcrafter magus for raw power, and because I love hexes. Alternatively, I could go for a dexterity-based eldritch scion magus (the spontaneous spellcasting version of the magus – I’m not a fan of prepared spellcasting) with perhaps the destined bloodline. I’d also considering the greensting slayer archetype for the dexterity build (assuming the GM would allow these to work together – technically they both modify the arcane pool). While not the most powerful archetype, it is very flavourful, and would work with my thief background ideas. Because the eldritch scion uses Charisma for its spellcasting, this build could work quite well with a two-level dip into ninja to get a ki pool (and extra sneak attack). A 6th-level magus can pick up the ki arcana, which allows interchangeable use of ki and arcana pools. All this would depend on whether the campaign reaches 8th level or higher. I would also like to have a raccoon familiar with the decoy archetype so it can assist me with my schemes. (And also to use wands, since a raccoon does have little hands and the decoy archetype allows it to speak.)

Needless to say, I do enjoy game mastering, but I’m really looking forward to just playing the game for a while as well.

3 thoughts on “Pathfinder: Being a Player Again

  • October 16, 2015 at 2:21 pm

    That’s a cool idea for a character 🙂 – if you have spare feats you can look into the bloodline feats since you got good Charisma. That might be another way to get a familiar if you take arcane bloodline. Alternatively, I think it’s possible to get a familiar via a rogue talent, which would be accessible as a ninja trick.

    • October 18, 2015 at 9:00 pm

      Thanks for the ideas – once I start seriously looking at a build, I’ll have to decide the best way to obtain the familiar.

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