Review: Urban Dressing: Elven Town

Urban Dressing: Elven TownRaging Swan Press’s Urban Dressing products provide game masters with flavourful descriptions of locations and NPCs to really bring a setting to life. This product has everything you need to drop an elvish town into a game with little preparation.

Urban Dressing: Elven Town presents one hundred sights and sounds, from elven children in leafy clothing prancing through the streets, to archers practicing in a field, and everything in between. There’s enough descriptions here that you could easily flesh out several towns and not have to reuse any material.

After the general sights and sounds of the town, there are 50 businesses and 50 townsfolk, ranging from dancers to druids to painters, and NPCs of all shapes and sizes. Not all of these are elves, giving game masters some unusual characters to meet or assist. Finally, there’s a set of 12 plot hooks if you need to get the story going in a hurry.

This installment in the Urban Dressing series manages to stay true to what I think of as ‘traditional’ elvish flavour without feeling cliched or being repetitive. Once again, Raging Swan Press has delivered a quality product to aid game masters in any fantasy roleplaying game.

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