Aethera Campaign Setting Kickstarter


aethera-setting-characterWhile Pathfinder’s official campaign setting does a good job of catering for a range of different style campaigns, you might be longing for a bit more sci-fi in your fantasy game. The new Aethera Campaign Setting aims to provide just that.

This new campaign setting will provide systems for players to build their own starships and visit alien worlds, blending magic and technology, and introducing new races, feats, skills, gear and monsters to help bring the setting to life. It all sounds pretty interesting, especially if you are looking to add something fresh into your Pathfinder games.

There are four new races, including the bio-mechanical phalanx and the infused, victims of magical experimentation which has given them some telekinetic powers. There’s a new class, a divine spellcaster similar to a bard, and piles of archetypes for the existing classes. There is also a discussion of how existing races and classes from Pathfinder fit into this new setting. There’s a huge chapter dedicated to the six core worlds of the setting, which should provide a variety of places for players to explore with their new ‘aetherships’.

The Kickstarter is looking to raise US$50,000 in order to create a 400-page full colour hardcover book to detail the setting. They’ve got an impressive team, headed up by Robert Brookes, a former RPG Superstar finalist, and contributor to several Paizo and third party products. The art they’ve revealed so far looks top notch as well.

The Kickstarter for the Aethera Campaign Setting has just under two weeks to go, and they’re about halfway to their funding goal. Pledges start at just $6, with $25 getting the full campaign setting PDF when it’s ready. If you’re interested in physical rewards, they do offer international shipping options.

I hope to see this Kickstarter succeed, as it looks like it will be a quality product, and it has a strong team behind it. Even if you’re not looking for an entirely new setting, this product will likely contain a lot of things that you can import into your preferred setting. Check out the Kickstarter here.

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