Keeping up with the Joneses #80

Once the shock of losing Danny had passed, it was time for Evelyn and Elliot to have their wedding.


Declan set about putting his expert cooking skills to work, and baked a cake for the occasion.


It was a small ceremony, simple, with just the family, but Evelyn was happier than ever.


The reception¬†was not without its challenges, however. The kitchen sink chose to break in the middle of the festivities, and Edith just couldn’t stay awake¬†all the way through the event.


Not long after the wedding, Evelyn discovered she was pregnant. Her attempts to tell her father were interrupted by other members of the Jones family.


The shock of seeing her grandmother and great-grandfather’s ghosts led to a rather embarrassing moment for poor Evelyn.


She decided to hide out in the family graveyard, hoping no one would bother her out there.

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