Cassey on Why She Plays Roleplaying Games


[Today we have another guest post from my friend and fellow South African Cassey Toi, on the reasons why she plays roleplaying games.]

Let’s start with a little history. Way back when I was a fresh faced first year, I made friends with some people who played this thing called DnD, and others who played Magic the Gathering. Interesting, I thought, but not for me. Then I started dating this guy, who played both.

I’d heard enough stories about folks’ boy/girlfriends being mean about hobbies that I figured it best I check it out. With both, it meant sitting around talking nonsense with the guys, finding something about it I could like… and eventually I started playing both.

So at it’s core, gaming has always been about connection for me. Spending time with friends doing something fun, and talking nonsense that you can only manage with those you spend hours with.

I got so interested in RPGs that it became part of my big honours project. Yes, I found a way to turn playing games, hanging out with my friends into education… go on be jealous ;).

These days I still play to spend time with friends doing something fun. But also, because in real life I don’t have the muscles to always take on the bad guys, but my characters are kick ass, bad ass ladies. They don’t take any trouble from folks, and always do their best to make things happen.

CasseyToi-SquareAbout the author, Cassey Toi:

“Me in a nutshell: I game, read, tweet, enjoy good food, have bouts of red pen rage, and I’m a coffee snob.” Check out Cassey’s blog here or find her on Twitter.

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