Keeping up with the Joneses #81


In addition to her career as a painter, Edith really wanted to be a gardener. To this end, she spent a great deal of time exploring the neighbourhood, going as far as Oasis Springs to find exotic plants for her garden.


Tending the huge family garden was a time-consuming and exhausting activity, but Edith was driven by her desire to become a freelance botanist. This aspiration had last been completed by her great-grandfather, Bryant Jones.


A few days after Evelyn’s wedding, the Grim Reaper arrived to end Declan’s long and successful life. He had reached the top of the music branch of the entertainer career, and had also achieved his lifetime aspiration of becoming a musical genius. Declan had few regrets as he lay down to die on the front porch of the family home. His only wish would have been to see his grandchild before he passed, but it was not to be.


Soon after Declan’s death, his heartbroken widow Erica set the stove on fire. The panic that ensued brought the whole family to the kitchen. Even the ghost of Bianca Jones came to witness the event.


Fortunately, Erik recovered his wits quickly and set about extinguishing the fire. Evelyn popped into the kitchen for a snack, but immediately fled once she realised what was happening, leaving Erik to fight the fire alone (Edith wasn’t much help!)


The family took this as a sign that it was time to redecorate the kitchen and buy some new appliances – much of the kitchen had not changed since Alexis and Bryant’s time!

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