Keeping up with the Joneses #82


Erica found that life without Declan was just too lonely. She wondered if she had let the stove catch fire on purpose. As it turned out, she needn’t have worried about this, as her time was finally up. She had had a long and successful life, becoming a champion gamer and bringing up two wonderful children. She looked forward to seeing Declan again.


Shortly after her mother’s passing, Evelyn went into labour.


She wished her parents had been there to meet their new granddaughter, Felicia.


The family had a ghostly visitor that night, but it wasn’t the Sim they were expecting (or perhaps hoping for). Danny Duff’s presence gave Elliot quite a fright as he was working late.


Unbeknownst to Danny, his son was nearby, caring for Felicia while everyone else was busy, or asleep. Erik desired no children of his own, knowing they could never become heirs. Instead he dedicated himself to becoming an astronaut and collector of well, everything that could be collected.


Now that Felicia had been born, Evelyn took some much-needed time away from home to clear her head. She wondered how Felicia would turn out, and whether she would want a sibling…

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