Keeping up with the Joneses #84


Erik and Felicia got on rather well. Erik felt more like a big brother to Felicia than an uncle (or cousin, or whatever the official term was). He kept her company while she was working on her creative talents.


Now that Felicia was older, Elliot was finally finding time for himself. He wanted to be a comedian, but he had a long way to go. He decided to study up on some famous entertainers for inspiration. Unfortunately, Elliot was distracted by the romantic decor in the bedroom, and spent a fair amount of his time research pick up lines instead.


Downstairs, Erik was enjoying a casual chat with his dead mother and uncle.


Edith continued to work on her art, determined to reach the top of the art career. She felt she was finally beginning to improve.


One day after school, Felicia found herself in the family graveyard, reading the tombstones of heirs and other family members who had come before her. She was too young to realise the responsibility that rested on her shoulders as the next heir.


As she examined the gravesĀ of the grandparents she had never met, Felicia thought she heard ghostly laughter… But it was the middle of the day! There couldn’t be ghosts about, could there..?

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