Keeping up with the Joneses #88


Freddy was a sweet kid. His whiz kid aspiration meant he had to spend a lot of time with older family members, playing chess and listening to stories.


Of course, Freddy had no idea he was listening to a story next to the world’s most flammable fireplace! Hopefully the replacement rug was made of fire-retardant pixels…


Edith’s cowplant sapling soon grew into a┬ámonstrous, ravenous plant-beast-thing. Evelyn took it upon herself to feed it, lest it get too hungry and eat some unfortunate Sim…


At the breakfast table the next morning, Elliot expressed his concern about Felicia’s, well, evil tendencies. Even though this had been on Evelyn’s mind as well, she felt that she should defend her daughter.


Perhaps she was overreacting, but Evelyn thought that Elliot might be insinuating that Felicia’s evil trait had somehow come from the Jones family… her family! It was something that secretly troubled Evelyn, but she was not about to admit that to her husband. Not yet, anyway.


Unfortunately, Evelyn never got a chance to discuss the issue with Elliot when she was feeling less stressed. He passed on shortly after their argument, reaching the end of his long and somewhat successful life. He never saw the top of the entertainer career, but he had a wonderful family, so he was content when the Grim Reaper appeared in the kitchen. Elliot’s only wish would have been to resolve things with Evelyn before he passed, but it was not to be.

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