Keeping up with the Joneses #90


As the family settled into the newly renovated, little Freddy decided that the house wouldn’t be a home until a fire had broken out somewhere. So he set fire to his chemistry set. Evelyn reacted quickly and saved the surrounding furniture while Felicia and Erik fretted.


Shortly after the fire, when Felicia was alone, she cackled madly to herself. Everyone had blamed her little brother for the fire! Another evil plan successfully completed!


Edith’s art was taking on darker tones as she grew older. She was starting to have nightmares about getting eaten by the cowplant…


Evelyn’s birthday came around, though no one else in the household noticed. She had led a full life, and was close to her dream of becoming a Creator of Worlds. A few more book sales ought to do it. If she had enough days left in her life…


Breakfast that morning was a little awkward for Evelyn, with her cousin Erik making a thoughtless comment about her age. Erik excused himself from the table pretty quickly after that…

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