Star Traders Kickstarter

I recently found out about the Star Traders Kickstarter campaign, which is an updated version of a board game from the 80s. Basically, players have a ship and their goal is to complete contracts by delivering cargo to various planets. A couple of things appealed to me besides the space theme: it allows between 2 and 6 players, which is awesome if you have a larger group (a lot of games stop at 4 or 5 players). It’s also designed with families and younger players in mind, offering 5 different modes of play, each with increasing difficulty.

Currently has just 6 days to go but is about US$20,000 short of its funding goal. There aren’t any digital-only funding levels, since that wouldn’t really make sense for a board game, though you can pledge $5 to be in the credits. What is unusual about this project, is the shipping. For $50 you can get the game, with no additional shipping costs. That includes anywhere in the world – I even double checked with their Twitter representative. International shipping really is free!

This alone makes the Kickstarter much more attractive to me as an international backer. If you’re looking for a sci-fi board game to add to your collection, Star Traders is worth a look.

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