Keeping Up with the Joneses #96


Seeing his ancestor’s skeleton decorating the garden like some sick joke, the cowplant decided he would not meet the same fate. Surely somesim would come along and eat this delicious-looking piece of cake?


The cake did draw in Edith, but she chose to feed the cowplant rather than eat the cake. The cowplant was a bit disappointed, but glad to have something to eat, even if it wasn’t a tasty Sim.


While the Grim Reaper wouldn’t be coming for Edith or the cowplant just yet, Felicia bumped into him at the local bar. She quizzed him to find out how her mother was doing, but Grim claimed that he couldn’t divulge the secrets of the great beyond.


Grim liked to keep in shape. It made chasing after so many Sims a little easier.


Felicia and Erik were also at the gym that day. Erik was relieved that Felicia hadn’t started another fight. How many enemies did she really need?? In fact, Felicia had no intention of starting a fight that day. She had met a new Sim named Luke, and for Felicia, it was love at first sight. She just had to convince Luke that he felt the same way…

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