Character Background: Freyaria Belclaw

Freyaria Belclaw

CN female human bloodrager (draconic bloodline), played by Matthew Figueira

For generations, this very story, word for word, has been shared over and over again by every descending member of the Belclaw family:

bloodrager-1Many centuries ago, Theo Belclaw and his wife, Freyaria lived in a large manor in Magnimar. They had three children; Cenario, Harina, and Felino. The townsfolk didn’t know much about the Belclaw family, though rumours sprung up and spread like wildfire when they first moved into the Summit – one of Magnimar’s many suburbs. The variations on these tales were as unlikely as the next, but two details always stood out: the Belclaw family were incredibly wealthy, and they were descendants of dragons.

The former detail was definitely true, and easy enough to believe. Not just anybody could move into the Summit, the wealthiest Magnimar neighbourhood, at least not without having mountains of gold stored up for a particularly rainy day.

What made the Belclaw family stand out, however, was that they moved into the largest manor the suburb had to offer. This in itself, to an extent, could be brushed off as the ordinary, but what made it all the more unbelievable was that the large structure had been owned and inhabited for years by one Gravuru Yulko – a greedy, elderly businessman.

Townsfolk swore that they saw Mr Belclaw meet with him one day, and the next, Gravuru had left town without so much as a peep. The following week, Theo Belclaw arrived with his wife and children, and moved in. Only an inordinate amount of gold could’ve convinced Gravuru to leave at a moment’s notice – that’s certainly what some chose to believe.

The latter part of the rumour was far more puzzling. Why did some people of Magnimar believe that the Belclaws had ties to dragons?

Some claimed that they saw fire within the eyes of the Belclaws. Not quite literally, but there was something about their fiery gaze that was unsettling. Others claimed that the great fire that reduced a dozen buildings to ashes in lower Magnimar was caused by none other than the eldest of the Belclaw children, Cenario. Even though he was only 8 years old, he was seen in the area just seconds before the flames rose, alone, and unsupervised. He was later found within the smoky ruins, untouched, unharmed, and without a single burn to speak of.

A year later, all the wild allegations about the Belclaw family proved to be true. Out of the inky black sky one evening, a giant red dragon descended and soared above the city, roaring as it flew. Its trajectory led it to the Summit, to none other than the Belclaw residence. It flew right through the front door with a crash.

A minute later it flew back out through one of the upper landing windows, its large mouth open, and all three of the Belclaw children nestled inside, awake, and rightfully so, terrified. One fell out as he closed his jaws with a grin, and he swallowed the other two children with delight.

A strangled shout and scream blasted from the Belclaw manor. Out of it shot wild blue and yellow blurs, which headed straight for the great red beast as it flew upward and away. Townsfolk gathered below, oblivious to the looming danger, and looked upon the three great dragons battling in the sky above.

It seemed to last an eternity, though truth be told, only minutes had passed before the yellow one fell, smashing right through the roof of a vacant building below. The blue dragon roared with anger and pulled its head back, its eyes filled with concentration.

The ground began to shake, and the temperature in the immediate area dropped to a chill as immense power was pulled out from the very air surrounding the Summit. The red dragon, sensing what was coming, turned away to continue its escape, but it was too late. Out of the blue dragon’s mouth shot a brilliant, bright white flame. It connected with the enemy. Down below, the townsfolk had to shield their eyes, as an explosion shook the sky.

Moments later the blue dragon crashed down and into the ground with a loud crack. The red dragon was nowhere to be seen. Had it been blasted to dust? Nobody knew.

Townfolk swarmed around the crater to see what had happened to the blue winged creature. Gasps emitted from the front of the crowd, and rippled right through to the back as loud whispers and exclamations were exchanged. At the bottom of the pit lay none other than Freyaria Belclaw – motionless, and dead. Others filtered to the building that the yellow dragon had landed in earlier. Amidst the rubble, they found the same fate had been met by Theo Belclaw.

Next to him, seated in the floor, tears running down his face, was young Cenario. He was the one who fell out of the red dragon’s mouth before it had closed with a snap. How the boy had survived the fall, and lived to tell the tale, nobody knew.

His potential involvement in the buildings burning down a year before left him unloved by the public. With nobody to look after him, and no family ties to speak of, he was shipped off to Riddleport. The rest of his story, remains a mystery…

Except for the family name of course. Today, Belclaw members are numerous and scattered throughout Varysia, though they lead no kind of grand life like that of their ancestors. They have been struggling through poverty for as long as anybody can remember.

One child, however, could be the key to restoring them to their former glory. Jenalia Belclaw was only eight years old when she was found in the ruins of a burnt down building. Authorities had no explanation for the incident, or how she survived the fire without so much as a scratch.

Her parents played dumb, but deep down they knew, and grew excited. Maybe it was time for their former dragon days and glory to return. They renamed their daughter to Freyaria, after the great warrior who sacrificed herself in the old stories to defeat the evil red one.

Since then, Freyaria has spent years trying to find answers to her ancestry and her dormant powers. To her delight, in her teenage years, she began to feel the magic develop deep within her veins. She has been honing her skills, and using them to help her search for the truth. She has now traveled to Riddleport – the last known location of her ancestor, Cenario.

Image credits: Bloodrager by Yuer69.

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