Keeping Up with the Joneses #97


After meeting Luke while working out, Felicia began flirting right away. She tried to ignore the Grim Reaper who had been hanging around all day.


The next day Felicia invited Luke over to the house. She learned that Luke was Active and a Bro. Unfortunately he was also a Slob, but Felicia decided she was willing to look past that, given how good-looking Luke was.


Not all of Felicia’s moves were that enticing, but Luke didn’t seem to mind.


In fact, Felicia managed to land her first kiss before the date was over.


Felicia and Luke continued to see each other over the next few days, until Felicia worked up the courage to propose in the Jones family graveyard. Why she chose this particular spot is something of a mystery.


That weekend, Felicia and Luke were married after a successful wedding celebration. The whole family was there to celebrate with them.

Luke Beaver was created by Kethwyn and is available from the Sims 4 Gallery.

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